Primary Medical Certificate?

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Primary Medical Certificate?

Postby Roo » Sun Feb 07, 2010 6:28 pm

Hi all,

Has anyone qualified for a Primary Medical Certificate? I met a man with MS who has one and was wondering would people with CF qualify? When I read the criteria on the Citizend Information website I didn't think I would qualify but neither would the man I met who has one. Has anyone any experience in this area. I ask because it would help with running a car.

Hope everyone is well Vincents seems very full at the moment.

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Re: Primary Medical Certificate?

Postby xoxjillybabyxox » Sun Feb 07, 2010 7:18 pm

hi i applied for the primary medical cert aswell as my twin as i drive an at the time my sister was learning so she was more of a passenger, still non the less we both have cf we are two different ppl so we both applied. we ended up sitting in front of a doctor who passed us for the certs and in turn i bought a new car myself an my parents bought a new one also with my sisters one as she was the passenger. as soon as we bought the cars the revenue called just wanting to run things past us my dad thought it weird so he asked the guy on the fone 3 times was there a problem if so he would let the garage know to put them on hold but he said no, my dad asked him 2 times in that conversation with the same answer so we went ahead with the cars. Anyways to cut a long story short....we recieved a letter that the primary med cert was being taken off us an we no longer "*beep* the criteria" for it. so we were left with 2 brand new cars in the driveway an we had to get on to them. they agreed to giving us the vrt off the cars about a year down the line after fighting the decision but told us we wudnt be getting it again!!!! we appealed the decision with the same answer(doctors made myself an my twin walk from one side of the room to the other on the appeal) which is a disgrace as they are not specialised in cf!!!!! i still to this day think the fact wed bought the 2 cars at the same time flagged something but we werent to know.

pwcf are entitled to it thats a fact as i know several cfs who live close to me who have it, so i dont know how they can say yes to one cf an not to another, so definately go for it its something were entitled too. sorry bout the long msg but i thought id let u know just in case!
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Re: Primary Medical Certificate?

Postby willieb » Sun Feb 07, 2010 7:33 pm

i applied for one der about yr ago and sum1 rang me and asked had i cf n i said yes n dey said den i wudnt get it but i kept ringin get seen by der docs and dey jus kept cancellin the appointments so gave up goin try again doh
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Re: Primary Medical Certificate?

Postby Liam » Sun Feb 07, 2010 9:56 pm

Something for CF house to fight maybe?
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Re: Primary Medical Certificate?

Postby jub-jub » Mon Feb 08, 2010 1:36 pm

a friend of mine couldnt get it because he lived near a bus stop, even though it was a rural village. i cudnt get it either. :roll:
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Re: Primary Medical Certificate?

Postby pinkfink9 » Mon Feb 08, 2010 3:42 pm

how bizzare, you would think these people pay for things out of their own pocket. god help them outside the golden gates LOL
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