Caoimhe Hally, PWCF, Water Baby

Caoimhe Hally, PWCF, Water Baby

“My daughter Caoimhe received the exercise grant from CFI last year and started in Water Babies. She absolutely loves it. The grant was a great boost to her continued swimming goals!”

-        Ailish, Mammy of Caoimhe Hally, PWCF, Aged 2 from Tipperary

Exercise is especially important if you’re living with CF because it helps loosen the mucus in the lungs and make airway clearance techniques quicker and easier, keeping the lung function up.

CFI provides exercise grants to PWCF so they can access gym memberships, much-needed equipment such as treadmills… or Water Babies swimming lessons! We want to thank our donors and fundraisers who enable us to provide these important grants.


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