Long-Term Illness Book Update

Long-Term Illness Book Update


CFI made a submission on 'CF and the Long-Term Illness scheme' in April 2014. The purpose of this submission was to highlight the difficulties some members were experiencing in accessing certain items and medications through the LTI scheme. Clarification from the HSE on what drugs are currently available to PWCF through the LTI scheme was sought to reduce confusion amongst both community pharmacists and PWCF.

From June 2014, an updated Core List was published by the HSE that lists all the medications automatically approved for all new people with CF. We are happy to reveal that many of the items listed in our submission are now included on this list.

For people joining the LTI Scheme from September 2014, medicines on this Core List are now automatically approved for people with CF. It is hoped that this Core List will make it much clearer for people with CF and health professionals on what types of medicines are included in the LTI scheme, and will reduce the amount of administration for patients and healthcare professionals in adding medication to a patients LTI book.

Where a PWCF is prescribed an item on the Core List for CF, it will no longer be necessary to get approval on each occasion that a medicine is changed.

My GP has prescribed a new medication and my pharmacist informs me that it is on the Core List. Do I need to send my LTI Book to the local office for updating?
No. It is not necessary for you or your GP to send in your LTI Book for updating where the medicine prescribed for you is on the Core List for your LTI condition.

I have a medical card and I have a LTI book. I can't / My pharmacist won't give me all my medicines on my LTI book.
Your pharmacist is aware that not all of your medicines are available to you under the LTI scheme. The HSE is satisfied that all medicines that should be necessary for the treatment of your primary LTI condition are provided on the Core List. Those that are not on the Core List can be provided to you under the Medical Card scheme for which you will have to pay a prescription charge.

How can I register an appeal with the HSE to have a medicine approved that is not listed on the Core List of the LTI?
If the medicine has been prescribed or recommended by a hospital, you can register an appeal with your HSE Local Health Office to get the item added to your LTI book. You may be asked to get your hospital clinician to complete an individual reimbursement form.

You can access the full core list of medications for PWCF through the LTI scheme here.