Long Term Illness Card and Medical Card: Important news for PWCF and their families

Long Term Illness Card and Medical Card: Important news for PWCF and their families

Thanks to a recent change in Department of Health policy, if you are a person with CF who holds a medical card, you are now also entitled to apply for and be granted a long-term illness card (see attached HSE circular here).

Cystic Fibrosis is one of the 15 conditions recognised for inclusion in the LTI scheme. The LTI card allows you to receive drugs, medicines, and medical and surgical appliances directly related to the treatment of your illness, free of charge. It does not depend on your income or other circumstances. The medical card on the other hand is means tested, but can also be provided on discretionary basis in exceptional circumstances.


What does this mean?
As a result of changes in the last budget, medical card holders must now pay a €2.50 prescription charge for each item dispensed by the pharmacist through this scheme. There are no prescription charges associated with the LTI card.

If you are currently accessing medications related to CF through your medical card, you can now get these through the LTI card and still retain the use of your medical card for other purposes. This would result in you avoiding prescription charges and could save a potential €25 per family per month.


What do I do next?
Apply for a LTI card if you do not already have one. An application form can be downloaded here. It will need to be signed by your doctor or consultant to confirm your condition and list your medications, then bring it to your local health office for processing.

This is an issue that CFI has highlighted in recent months, including recent submissions to the Department of Health and the HSE and in Spectrum.

For more information on the Long Term Illness Scheme click here

For more information on the Medical Card Scheme click here


CFI will update you on this issue if we receive more information. If you experience any problems, or want to share any information which you think might be useful for other PWCF and their families, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Added 5th Dec 2013