Important advice for oxygen dependent patients

Important advice for oxygen dependent patients in advance of the impending ESB electricity strike


Cystic Fibrosis Ireland is providing advice in advance of a possible ESB electricity strike. This first advice bulletin is aimed at people with CF who are oxygen dependent. The potential impact of an electricity supply strike for patients dependent on oxygen (including patients with CF) is considerable. Please read the information enclosed in this document in order to be ready in case the planned electricity strike goes ahead.


Patients with home oxygen concentrators should have a backup cylinder supply as standard. Refer to your Oxygen Patient Manual to find out the approximate backup oxygen supply time for your specific cylinder type. Patients who are on high flow oxygen will have a shorter backup supply time. If the oxygen supply in the backup cylinder is low or not sufficient, you must contact your oxygen company for help and advice.


In case of a long term power cut, it may be necessary for patients to move with their concentrator to an area/household with electrical power or to go to a hospital that can support them with on-site oxygen.


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Note: CF Ireland will circulate a second information bulletin to members on this issue next week.

5th Dec 2013