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Our Baby has Sixty-Five Roses

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Our Baby has Sixty-Five Roses is a book  to help explain cystic fibrosis (CF) to other children in an age-appropriate way. “Sixty-Five Roses” is how children often first say the words “cystic fibrosis”. The book tells the story of a baby girl through the eyes of her big brother and his best friend, Baxter the dog. The new-born infant has just been diagnosed with CF, and we read about the medications she has to take, the daily physiotherapy sessions, and the changes to her diet. We also get to know her friendly and caring medical team who protect her “Sixty-Five Roses”.

The book, which was part-funded by Cystic Fibrosis Ireland, has been written by primary school teacher Eilís Moroney, with designer Ruth Cahill undertaking the artwork. Both Ruth and Eilís have children with CF.

Not only is the book for new parents and families, but is also aimed at friends, class-mates, cousins, pre-schools, primary schools, and hospitals.



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