Luke Doherty, Living Life to the Full Post-Transplant

Luke Doherty, Living Life to the Full Post-Transplant

"The Transplant Grant from Cystic Fibrosis Ireland gives you peace of mind, and saves you worrying about paying for accommodation and meals for you and your family during the transplant process.


It feels great post-transplant to be able to do things that I haven't been able to do for years, like getting back to working as a Strength and Conditioning coach. It does change your life so much for the better!"


- Luke Doherty, Aged 28, PWCF


Transplants are a crucial part of the range of recognised interventions needed to manage Cystic Fibrosis. Like any other major surgery, transplants carry considerable risks and a transplant is appropriate only for a patient who is severely ill and has tried all other forms of conventional treatment. To these patients, lung transplantation can offer both a chance of an extended life and a significantly better quality of life.


CFI provides Transplant Grants for people undergoing transplant assessment or transplantation. We want to thank our donors and fundraisers who enable us to provide these important grants.