• Third Level Education for PWCF

    CFI developed a booklet to make the process of transition to third level as straight forward as possible for a person with Cystic Fibrosis, and to help answer some of the many questions that may arise at that time. Click here to view this document.

    Disability Access Route to Education

    The Disability Access Route to Education (DARE) is a college and university admissions scheme which offers places on reduced points to school leavers with disabilities. DARE has been set up by a number of colleges and universities as evidence shows that disability can have a negative impact on how well a student does at school and whether they go on to college.

    What does "reduced points" mean?
    Students who are eligible for DARE may get a place in college with less than the full CAO points. For example, a course which needs 450 Leaving Certificate points through the CAO may be offered to a DARE student with 410 points. However, DARE students must still meet the enrolment (matriculation) and specific course entry requirements where they apply.

    Which colleges take part in DARE?

    • Athlone Institute of Technology
    • Cork Institute of Technology
    • Dublin City University
    • Dublin Institute of Technology
    • Mater Dei Institute
    • National College of Ireland
    • NUI Galway
    • Maynooth University
    • Pontifical University, Maynooth
    • Trinity College, Dublin
    • University College Dublin
    • University College Cork
    • University of Limerick

    Students can apply through DARE for the 'reduced points' places in any of these colleges.

    Watch the following video to help you through the application process for the DARE scheme this year.

    You can find out more about the DARE scheme here.