Current Projects

Current Research Projects

CF Ireland is supporting a number of research projects including one on self-management and adherence supports for People with CF. Michael Twomey’s PhD research is focused upon developing a patient management system that enables people with CF to capture their medical/health history accurately between appointments and record key information communicated by clinicians. This project is being funded by the Irish Research Council and CFI.

Pending the outcome of Michael’s research, CFI is additionally working with Dr. Des Cox in Crumlin Children’s Hospital to convert the present parents’ handbook and diary into a smartphone app.

The outcomes from these two important projects will inform our future strategies on adherence and self-management.

CFI is also working on an exciting new initiative within MedEx the chronic illness rehabilitation programme run by Dr. Noel McCaffrey in Dublin City University (DCU), following the recommendation of the Head of the Mater Lung Transplant Unit, Professor Karen Redmond. This will be co-funded by the Mater Foundation with funds raised by family and friends of the late Becky Jones. 

Nicola Hurley has been selected for a four year PhD to carry out pioneering research into the role of exercise and its effects on physical fitness, muscle strength, bone health and quality of life in patients with CF.