Budget 2015 Analysis

Budget 2015 Analysis

This document produced by DFI outlines the main implications of Budget 2015 for people with disabilities.

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Additional notes


  • €40.4 million will be provided for approximately 7,600 housing adaptation grants for people with a disability.
  • It is expected that 8,000 households will transfer from Rent Supplement to the new Housing Assistance Payment. Up to 2,000 new transfers are expected under the Rental Accommodation Scheme.
  • Approximately 3,000 leased housing units will become available during 2015.


  • Free GP care will be introduced for children aged under 6 years and adults aged over 70, subject to negotiations with the Irish Medical Organisation.
  • No change to the income thresholds for the medical card or GP Visit Card.
  • No change to the income threshold for the Drugs Payment Scheme. Prescription charges also stay the same.


  • The rate of Child Benefit will increase by €5 to €135 per month for each child from January 2015. It is proposed that it will increase by a further €5 in 2016. This will cost €1.97 billion in 2015 and will benefit 613,000 families
  • There are no changes to pensions and the Free Travel Scheme is unchanged.
  • The Living Alone Allowance, paid to older people who live alone will be increased by €1.30 to €9.00 per week from January 2015. This will cost €12 million and will benefit 177,500 people in 2015.
  • A Christmas Bonus of 25% will be paid this December to people getting a long-term social welfare payment (minimum payment of €20) to help with costs over this period. This will benefit over 1.16 million people at a cost of €63.5 million.
  • A Water Support payment of €100 annually (€25 per quarter) will be paid to pensioners, people with disabilities and carers who qualify for a Household Benefits Package. This measure will cost €42 million and will benefit 415,000 households in 2015.
  • An additional €100 per annum will be paid to all Fuel Allowance recipients who do not already get the Household Benefits Package. Fuel Allowance is paid to people getting long-term payments such as Jobseeker's Allowance (over 15 months) and One-Parent Family Payment. This will cost €24 million and will benefit 238,000 households in 2015.

Updated October 2015