Soft Opt Out Organ Donation Consent - The Max and Keira Law



Very moving BBC item on ‘soft opt out’ organ donation consent – Please watch this

Cystic Fibrosis Ireland (CFI) which is part of the 7 patient groups in the Irish Donor Network (IDN), notes that in England ‘soft opt out organ donor consent’ has been fast-tracked by Prime Minister Theresa May and has passed its last hurdle in the UK Parliament.

Currently England has an ‘opt in’ scheme with shares much in common with the present system in Ireland. One of the factors that has contributed to fast tracking of the new form of organ donor consent in England and more recently in Scotland has been the success of soft opt out in Wales.

Meanwhile, Minister for Health,  Simon Harris TD has recently restated the promise in the Programme for Government to introduce soft opt out donor consent into Ireland. This is very much welcomed by CFI and IDN. Philip Watt, CEO of CFI stated

‘We very much hope that the introduction of soft opt out donor consent in Ireland is also fast-tracked and that adequate resources are provided to support this change.’


Max and Kiera’s Law  
The law to change organ donor consent in England is to be named after Keira Ball from County Devon in SW England who was killed in a road accident when she was just 9 years of age. Her donated organs helped save the lives of Max (11 years old) and 3 others (see the video in the BBC report).