Medical Card Eligibility for CF

Public Consultation on Medical Card Eligibility – Have Your Say!

Have your say on how Cystic Fibrosis should be taken into account in the provision of medical cards.


The Government has decided to develop a policy framework for medical card eligibility to take account of medical conditions. The HSE has established an Expert Panel to examine the range of medical conditions that should be considered for inclusion in the policy framework.

The Expert Panel will identify a range of medical conditions, in priority order, that would benefit most from medical card eligibility. Contributions are now being sought from the public, patient representative groups and professional bodies, to inform the work of the Expert Panel.

This is your opportunity to explain to the HSE why people with Cystic Fibrosis should be automatically entitled to a medical card. 

Submissions can be made using the form below. The closing date for submissions is Monday, June 30th 2014.


To read the CF Ireland submission, please click here.


Tips for Completing the Feedback form

  • Who can do this? – 
    • Anybody!
    • A person living with CF, a career or family member.
  • What should they include?
    • Everything related to your condition.
  • Explain why people living with CF should be considered for a medical card.
  • Explain all the extra cost that are associated with this condition from medication costs, GP care, aids and appliances to any therapies you need. Including hidden costs such as the costs for extra heating etc.
  • Explain what medical card would mean to you and what would happen if you could not afford your medication GP care hospital inpatient charges etc...
  • What impact would this have on you and your family?
    • From a medical social and financial perspective.
  • Explain how CF affects you in your daily life



This is your opportunity to explain to the HSE why PWCF should be automatically entitled to a medical card. The application is simply, you can do it by post or online. By filling out this submission you can make a big impact on the HSE's decision to ensure that PWCF is on the list of illnesses that will be covered.


Alternatively, please post or email your submission to:

The Office of the Assistant National Director
Medical Need Consultation
Health Service Executive
Primary Care Division
St Loman's Hospital
Co Wesmeath

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Last Updated 25th June