Chef Adrian 65 Roses Day Recipe


Chef Adrian's Purple Potato Salad

As featured on Virgin Media One's Six O'Clock Show, Cystic Fibrosis Ireland ambassador, Chef Adrian, has specially developed this purple potato salad to raise awareness of 65 Roses Day. Enjoy!    

Chicken Supreme, Braised Chicory with Purple Potato salad 


2 chicken breasts with the skin and wing bone

200mls of white wine

10-20g of butter

2 chicory 

For the potato salad. 

1kg of purple potatoes

2-3 tablespoon of mayonnaise 

Zest and juice of half a lemon

1 handful of fresh chopped mint



Season the chicken first all over with sea salt and on a hot pan on a medium heat place it skin side down. Once a nice golden colour is achieved turn it over. Keep the stalk on the chicory and cut it in half down the centre longways. Place it into the same pan as the chicken and fry on one side also. Place the chicken into the oven on a tray  for 12-15mins at 190oC to finish off. With the chicory add in the white wine, fresh thyme and butter into the pan and allow it to reduce into a nice glossy sauce. Don't be afraid to baste the chicory every now and again.

For the potato salad boil the purple potatoes in salted water with the skin on until softened. Drain off the water and then allow them to cool. Once cooled cut them in half and then add the rest of the ingredients. Season to taste and then serve up with the chicken and braised chicory.