Spectrum – Issue 31


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Spectrum – Issue 31

Happy birthday to Cystic Fibrosis Ireland (CFI), which is a youthful 50 years old and many thanks to all our branches, our members and supporters for their fantastic work since we were established in 1963. Along with the Irish Cancer Society and the Irish Autism Society we are the oldest patient advocacy group in Ireland and one of the first CF patient groups in Europe. A forthcoming book on the association will give a good insight into how CFI came to be formed and some of our impact over the past five decades. The work of our members and the dedicated doctors and their teams is a story worth telling.

This issue of Spectrum highlights some of the events that will be taking place over the coming year, including a book to mark our 50 years and the thanksgiving and remembrance service on the 23rd of February. Some of our founding and long serving members and doctors will be attending as well as those who have only recently joined. Also join us for a light lunch afterwards - it will be a good time to catch up with old and new friends. 

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