Spectrum - Winter 2018


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Spectrum - Winter 2018

In the Winter 2018 edition of Spectrum CFI, CEO Philip Watt discusses the latest updates including the approval of Orkambi, Soft-Opt Out Organ Donation Consent and a scheme supporting IVF.

Victor Conroy, PWCF shares his journey from the Mater Hospital to the European Heart Lung Transplant Championship in Italy.

In Spotlight, we focus on exercise.Exercise is a vital part of treatment for cystic fibrosis, helping to clear the airways and maintain good lung function. However, for some members of the CF Community exercise isn’t treatment, it is their enjoyment.

There are details on the Exercise Grant Scheme for 2019, which opens on January 21st and information on an upcoming Art Journalling project in association with Helium Arts.

We also have details on upcoming fundraising campaigns and introduce you to the newest member of the CFI staff team, Christina.

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